BAMPH Mechanics (Contractors) Hand Cleaner

BAMPH Mechanics (Contractors) Hand Cleaner is a natural, non-solvent industrial hand cleaner. It has been designed for tough cleaning but won’t dry out your hands as it contains several emollients and conditioners that actually heal chapped skin. This product will not leave any greasy residue on your hands.

It is an environmentally-friendly product as it does not contain petroleum distillates, dyes or perfumes and it is an official USDA certified biobased product.

BAMPH cleaner comes in a super concentrated form and can reduce hand soap use by up to 75% – some competitors’ products contain 50-60% water.

BAMPH Natural Hand Cleaner contains natural walnut shell scrubbers – in fact, 20% of BAMPH’s cleaner is cosmetic grade walnut shells. Walnut shells are less abrasive to skin than other scrubbing compounds and contain superior skin emollients and skin conditioners that eliminate drying and cracking. Walnut shells are also friendly on the environment (don’t pollute lakes and streams like plastic scrubbers) and won’t clog your drains like products containing pumice. Many other products contain 5% or less of scrubbers in their products.

The product comes in several types of bottles. For the individual user, we sell a 400 mil (13.5 ounce) bottle. For the industrial multi-person user (dealerships, shops), we sell a 3.55 liter (120 ounce) bottle. The bottle is used with the gravity-fed wall dispenser which ensures that you can actually use 100% of the cleaner you purchase. Many other hand soaps use pumps which leave up to 10% of the product unused in the bottle. If you prefer a pump to be able to put the bottle on a shelf, we also carry a pump designed for the bottle.

Each dose of hand cleaner is 5 mil, so a 3.55 liter bottle has about 700 doses and a 400 mil bottle has about 80 doses.

BAMPH Wheel Weight Remover

BAMPH Wheel Weight Remover is designed to help the tire specialist remove wheel weights when balancing wheels. Stick on wheel weights (now the industry norm) use a very strong adhesive that is difficult to remove from the wheel. This product is in a gel format which makes application easy and precise. Some shops use brake cleaner which can damage the wheel surface.

The Wheel Weight Remover comes in an aerosol can with 14 ounces of gel and is sold by the case of 12 as well as single cans.

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